Since 2016, TSG has taken an ambitious drive to create a series of simple yet quite effective productivity tools under the product line WonderTools. Another release under the WonderTool series is WonderDoc - a unique Document Retrieval & Composing Solution.

TSG Global Services brings you this unique Product-Led solution to implement a comprehensive system of managing electronic documents with a view to quickly retrieve, track, review and compose new documents using all referral sources simultaneously.

Writing a letter or preparing a long document or creating a presentation is now 10 times faster. WonderDoc is a very effective tool to Track, Retrieve, Collate, Compare, Analyse, multi- various documents in multiple windows on your desktop enabling you to apply Search, Find, Copy, Paste, options to compose a new document at quickest possible time. The origin of WonderDoc has a story behind it. A Training and Research Institute observed that in spite of having huge documented materials, people waste lot of time in re-writing the same kind of stuff. Re-use of archived ones mostly ignored as it is difficult to trace and use simultaneously. WonderDoc attempts to provide an easy solution in this regard. You can use max 3 source documents at a time to compose a new document.

You can watch a video or movie and write comments/critique side by side. Insert data, images etc from Internet directly into your document. The Enterprise version of WonderDoc (WonderDocEDS)provides a powerful Key-word based search that will get you the desired document even if you forget the file name, location, type etc. The operation of WonderDoc is pretty simple.

Download Trial Version.

WonderDoc is a unique document composing software that gives you a magical solution to Collate, Compare, Analyse, multi-various documents in multiple windows on your desktop that you can operate simultaneously. To try out WonderDoc for free, please down load it using the below link. WonderDoc is very easy to install and operate. Please prove the following inputs: