Since 2016, Our endeavour to create utility applications has prompted us to create a series of business productivity tools under the product line WonderTools. The third release under this series is WonderTell - a technologically advanced application of WonderPrez. WonderTell allows you to leave a video message for the concerned person or department whom you wanted to contact.

WonderTell is a unique audio visual messaging or reporting system. Its a very effective means of registering complaint/feedback or reporting an incidence when one is not sure whom to communicate. At a public place, large plant or mine area, Bank ATM or on Highway, a WonderTell Kiosk can revolutionize reporting system with instant audio-visual messaging.

At a residential complex, this can help a visitor to leave an audio visual message for the resident who was out at the time he came.

At the office reception, wonderTell will help a visitor to record in person an important message for the person who might be travelling at that moment but will get to know the message straight from messenger virtually live.

WonderTell : video messaging/reporting System

WonderTell can very well act as an extremely effective tool for registering complaint or reporting incidence. When there is an incidence to report be it in a large plant/mine or at a Bank ATM or Railway Station or Airport or in the market place, we always feel perplexed. Where to report, whom to report and how to report are often very complicated. WonderTell shall simply work as miracle. And since it captures voice and video there would hardly be any fake or fraud case.